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Power Pack is a handy standalone battery pack for Personal Massager to operate in the absence of the Visor handheld. There are two buttons that control the functions including Start/Stop, selection of the 6 massage modes, any new massage mode downloads and adjustment of pressure level for easy operation. The two LEDs on the massager works in conjunction with the label to provide indication of the activities.

How it works
1. Insert the Personal Massager into the Power Pack. Place the electrode pads onto your body and insert the cord into the Personal Massager.

2. Press the Up/Start button to switch on the Personal Massager. It will turn on the massager and the LEDs will start with the Shoulder Massage Mode (2 LEDs blinking).

3. To select the massage mode, depress the Up/Start button or the Down/Stop button repeatedly till the selected mode. See the user guide behind the Power Pack for the different massage modes.

4. Start the massaging by pressing and holding down the Up/Start button till the massage begins then release the button. The two LEDs will blink accordingly.

5. Now the Up/Start and Down/Stop buttons are enabled for pressure selection. To select, repeatedly depressing Up/Start or Down/Stop buttons to increase or decrease the pressure respectively.

6. Stop the massage by pressing and holding down the Stop/Down button. The massage will also stop automatically when time-out occurs ie one or both pads are properly connected. The Power Pack will switch off the massager after detection of no activity.

Features Descriptions:
2-button control for one hand operations .
2-LEDs indication of activities ie. On/Off, Mode Selection and Pressure level.
Stick-On Quick Guide label for easy operation reference.
Soft-start and user pressure control for user gradual adaptation and comfort.
Auto switch-off when no activity is detected to consume battery life.

This product is FCC and CE compliant.   


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