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Personal Massager™ unveils the world first PDA-enabled body massaging device. It is a Springboard™ module that works on Handspring™ Visor™ handheld. By snapping the module onto the handheld, you massage your tense, tired or aching body while working, reading a book or just simply relaxing. The module provides stimulating muscles workout previously only possible with conventional Electronic Muscles Stimulation (EMS) devices. Based on established EMS principle, Personal Massager™ revitalises tired muscles and relaxes the body.

How it works
Personal Massager™ comes with a cord and two electrode pads, fits unnoticeably into the pocket. To use, simply applies the pads to the selected body areas. Then snap on the module to the Visor handheld, follow the easy step by step instructions and you begin your workout. You may run other programs while massaging is in progress.

Pull-Down instruction screens and Body Guide provide quick reference to the users. Users may choose from a tantalizing selection of massage modes ranging from soothing Squeeze, to stimulating Chop or solid Tap or combination of massages designed for the shoulders, back, arms and legs.

Personal Massager™ is color-enabled and allows the users to observe the massaging mode in progress from the dynamic graphic screen not available in normal machines. Future free downloads from the web will be available to registered users. In addition, energy saving and soft start features were incorporated for extended battery life. As the product harnesses the simplicity of Palm™ OS, no special training is required for Visor™ handheld users.

In the event that your Visor handheld is unavailable, a handy power pack (sold separately) to be released soon, for continued massaging. Personal Massager™ complements normal exercises in toning and firming up the muscles. It is an ideal gadget for busy users as you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Massager Features :
3 basic modes of massage ie. squeezing, chopping and tapping, and 3 combinations of basic modes (Combo modes) for shoulders, back, arms and legs.
Adjustable settings let you personalise your massage.
Soft-start and user pressure control for user comfort and gradual adaptation.
Auto cut-off and user power-off while massaging for longer battery life.
Repeat button for extended enjoyment of the chosen mode.
Large Peel-off ear of the electrode pads for easy pad removal and prevention of minor electric shock.

PDA-Enabled :
Fully Compatible with your Handspring™ Visor™ handheld.
On-Screen Menu and User guide for quick reference.
Quick body guide provides key pressure points.
Animation and graphic display of massage activity and progress.
Enable massaging while working on other software application.
Registered users are entitled to free downloads of massage software.

Standalone Options

Personal Massager™ can also be used alone with an optional Power Pack (sold separately)

This product is FCC and CE compliant.   


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